Ensuring Compliance

Surety Compliance skillfully navigates the complexities of LTC compliance to support, sustain and enhance the full range of facility operations.

Long Term Care Compliance & Ethics Services

Surety Compliance

Surety Compliance efficiently oversees all federal and state compliance for nursing homes and healthcare facilities. Our experience, professionalism and fluency in current laws and regulations enable us to cover complex issues, establish protective practices, upgrade quality care and refine collective efforts towards reducing fraud and abuse, decreasing healthcare costs and furthering operational functions.
Surety’s comprehensive auditing incorporates systematic protocol that ensures HIPAA compliance and includes staff training. Anchored in a culture of service geared for administrative success, we use data and technology, internal monitoring, risk assessment, standards/controls, education, communication and collaboration to lead you through the ever-emerging challenges of the industry.
Supporting Your Facility

Our Mission

We empower our clients with a culture of integrity and security, based on strong principles across regulatory and ethical practices.

We take proactive steps towards promoting a higher level of ethical and lawful conduct throughout the entire healthcare industry – reducing fraud and abuse; enhancing operational functions; improving quality of healthcare services; and decreasing the cost of healthcare.

We help clients attain positive outcomes through data and technology, internal monitoring/audits, risk assessment, standards/controls, education, communication and collaboration.

Our Vision

Utilizing the seven elements of an effective compliance and ethics program as outlined by the Office of Inspector General as our foundation, Surety Compliance will be regarded as a valued and integral resource for our clients by helping to improve outcomes
and mitigate risk.


Your compliance is
our priority.